Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Journal of a Still in Motion

This is how you build a still...

1. Unpack er

2. Stand er up

3. Set er down

4. Proper position now

5. Find a man with a bad-ass stache to move some pieces around for you

6. Start stacking

7. Get higher

8...and higher

9...and higher

10. It's just so damn cool!

11. The Sun shine special!

12. Now she's got towers!

13. High towers!

14. Then you unwrap

15. Head up top and take a look down

16. Take a look from behind (Baby's got back!)


18. She looked a bit naked, so add 1.1 tons of stainless piping

 19. Like the coolest erector set ever

And there you have it. She's close to done...needs some valves, steam, water, a drain, some fermented stuff and she'll be roaring! Come see her in all her glory.

We think the best time is mid-afternoon when the sun shines into the cupola from above and the whole room has the coppery reflection off her surface like a medieval time dial.


  1. I take back my suggestion of Julia & submit "Calliope," because she looks like some gorgeous, bizarre, giant instrument about to make beautiful music.

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    Job well done. That thing is really hard and heavy to assemble and move around. But you guys did it. Yay!