Monday, February 27, 2012

Construction and distillery build-out

The next two weeks are going to be big ones around here. Tomorrow (Tues 2/28) the first of 18 concrete trucks will show up to start filling those big holes in the ground in the warehouse. That concrete is being poured to hold our still, fermentors, and tanks which will weigh roughly 143 tons in just liquid weight once they're all full...and that doesn't count the weight of all that stainless and copper!

After the concrete goes down it will be about a week before they cut a big hole in the roof to fit the columns on our still. I'll keep posting links but keep your eyes peeled. I think we're all going to have our kids here tomorrow for the trucks too.

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  1. Pouring concrete! Yay!!! I haven't done that in quite a few years. It's much funner to watch someone else do it than to actually do it yourself. Congratulations it looks like you are moving along quite nicely. What is the expected opening date?

  2. It looks great but those guys' knees must be raw! I did concrete for a summer and am glad I'm not doing this one. We're hoping to be up and running by mid-May. Thanks Chris!