Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First post and breaking ground

Distiller's log, January 25th 2012

I figure it's worth tracking this project with a photo journal of construction on or new facility. You are looking at the culmination of months of prep and the first heavy machinery to launch the project. We are beginning the process of building Death's Door's fantastic new distillery and that starts with making a big old hole in the ground.

Check back here for updates and pictures and I'll post a link to our webcam once we get it set up
Exciting stuff!

Head Distiller

 That's just two days worth of work...I hope the rest of this project goes this quickly! :)


  1. For your sake I hope so too. All I can stress is patience. How did you come by the name?

  2. Thanks Chris..although the patience is the tough part. Death's Door is a passage of water between Wisconsin and Washington Island (in lake Michigan) where the wheat for the spirits and some of the juniper berries are grown.